Sifu Cecil Howsen

Award Winning Stuntman, Choreographer & Performer


Cert. Personal trainer (A.C.E.)


Cert. Nutritionist (Cooper Inst.)


30 year Cerified Kung-Fu Master & Pro martial art stuntman (USA)

Award Winning Film Fight Choreographer & Performer
30 year Certified Kung-Fu Master

Sifu-Cecil Howsen is a NY- based martial arts instructor, fight choreographer, stuntman, personal trainer and nutritionist. Boasting an impressive 180° side kick, and knowledge of five (5) different fighting styles, Sifu-Cei’s techniques and teachings offer something for everyone. Sifu-Cei’s practice focuses on providing a well-rounded approach to both training and health. “I have put together the best of the East and the best of the West. From the East I use breathing, internal power, stretching and flexibility techniques from the Chinese Shaolin temple. I combine that with what we know here…in the West – resistance training, or body-building or body-sculpting.” For more information on group classes, individual training or fight choreography, please email us.